Our story: Disciplined and focused long-term investing

More than 10 years ago, the founders of NEP Midstream and Royalties had a vision of taking a disciplined, long-term approach to energy investing by focusing only on quality assets. We bring this vision to life by strategically investing in energy infrastructure assets that 1) are managed by proven teams and 2) have the ability to deliver yield and growth. We hold an unwavering belief that a different perspective and long-term thinking can create significant opportunities. While this is unusual in a world highlighting short-term successes, we remain steadfast in believing that “long-term investing wins.”

As a registered investment manager, our goal is to provide investors access to the oil and gas pipeline asset class through a diversified portfolio of assets that primarily consist of midstream companies. We invest in businesses that can generate consistent dividend growth by operating stable, fee-based business models with reduced commodity price exposure. We further attempt to preserve tax benefits through low portfolio turnover and long-term gains.