Our competitive advantage: A three-point scalable and repeatable investment process

Our success is predicated on the implementation of a scalable and repeatable investment process by a team with extensive experience in the energy sector. We follow a three-point investment process that gives us a competitive advantage when evaluating risk and reward intelligently across the energy universe:

Conduct in-depth, multifaceted market analysis

  • Assess critical factors driving the industry
  • Identify changes in market conditions early on

Strategically select assets

  • Focus on geographic areas most impacted by industry changes
  • Employ a rigorous, bottom-up, fundamentals-based approach

Monitor our investments with vigilance

  • Disciplined monitoring for deviations from initial hypotheses

How we conduct rigorous, bottom-up, fundamental analysis

Our top-notch in-house research team seeks investment opportunities with these characteristics:

  • Attractive current income
  • Low volatility
  • Minimal downside risk

By employing a bottom-up investment approach, we’re able to evaluate each investment opportunity within the context of the entire energy value chain. The in-depth fundamental analysis we conduct compares quantitative, qualitative, and relative value factors for each opportunity under review.

We assess several aspects of each investment:

  • Overall attractiveness of the specific segment in which an investment is involved
  • The company’s specific competitive position within that segment
  • Potential commodity price risk
  • Supply and demand
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Stability and potential growth of the company’s cash flows
  • Management track record

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